The 23 hours Of Comics (in French "23 Heures de la Bande Dessinée ", 23HBD in short) is a drawing marathon during which all participants commit to create a 24-pages long comic, on a pre-defined theme, during 23 consecutive hours over a week-end.
Each year, during the switch to daylight savings time, the only 23-hours long day of the year (hence the clever name), hundreds of professional or amateur artists around the world take a shot at the challenge.


23HBD is open to anybody : underage or grown-up, professional or amateur, student or unemployed, male or female or both, all are welcome!
Just register in the website and... be free from Saturday, March 24th, 1:00PM to Sunday, March 25th, 1:00PM.


The best way to take part of the 23HBD is to get together with other participants in the vicinity (or further away if you love to travel).
If you cannot find anyone nearby after having registered, then any place from which you can connect to our website is a-OK (studio, home office, bedroom, kitchen, wherever).
Or, you can try and organize a get-together.


If your place is big enough, or if you know of a place where a few people can gather during 23 hours straight, don't miss on the opportunity of a get-together! Just inform the coordinators by e-mail, and they will relay the information to other participants. You can also advertise on the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/23heuresdelaBD

During a get-together, you can either work alone, or take the opportunity to realize a collaborative story, forming a writer-illustrator team, or an illustrator-colorist team. If you have a webcam, don't hesitate to use and abuse it so that the readers have the opportunity to cheer on and/or sympathise with your tired face and heavy eyelids.


To create an original 24 pages comic (1 cover + 23 pages) in 23 consecutive hours: storyline, illustrations, lettering, coloring (for the bravest)...
Any type of work are accepted: black and white drawing, color, collage, photomontage, even stamps carved out of potatoes. What matters most is having a lot of fun and living these 23 hours to the fullest!
To best enjoy his challenge, the wise bunny will come prepared, and furnish his rabbit-hole with all the needs for the journey: materials, drinks, food, music, etc.
It is best to be organized and also to plan ahead for some resting time if necessary: we are running a marathon, not a speed race!

The Saturday at 1:00PM, the theme (with one obligation) will be revealed on the website, and the clock will start ticking.
The challenge during the following 23 hours is to create and publish your story on the website until the following day at 1:00PM, earning the coveted Lapin d'Or.
Now, the most audacious who double the challenge and publish a 48-pages story will earn the prestigious Lapin Rose. 
Be aware that any correction done after the clock stops ticking will result in the loss of the earned Lapin.

If you cannot finish in the alloted time, don't panic: the clock stopped ticking but you can still finish your story and earn a Lapin l'Argent, since the most important is to finish your comic. A Lapin d'Argent is very nice, too!

For easy publishing on the website, the pages have to be done in the landscape format, to be readable onscreen.
The required specs are as follow: 
-  .Jpg or .Png file
- 800 x 600 px, horizontal
- colors RVB (8 bits default)
You may want to make a few trials before D-day to make sure that you are comfortable with the format.

Don't forget that the «Classico» challenge is a comics marathon: each page must contain at least 2 cells!
No more than 3 full-page illustrations (apart from the cover) are allowed.
In other words, you have to create a 24-pages booklet (1 cover + 23 pages of comics) in which 3 pages can be full-page illustrations (double that for the 48-pages crazies).


There is a new comics format that was specifically created for onscreen reading: the Turbomedia.
If you have never ever heard of it, do yourself a favor by reading this page: http://balak01.deviantart.com/art/about-DIGITAL-COMICS-111966969

The challenge is mostly identical, with a few adaptations:
Since the storytelling is different, the count is done in "frames" instead of "pages".
The challenge is then to create, in 23 hours, an original comic in 80 frames (1 cover + 79 screens) to earn a Lapin d'Or, or 160 frames to earn a Lapin Rose.
As usual, a Lapin d'Argent will be awarded to comics completed after the end of the alloted time.

In this variant, each frame is equivalent to a comic cell, and thus can be made of just one illustration, classic or animated.

The LemonSlide reader integrated to our website is pure HTML (no need to work with Flash, for example), which allows anybody to work as usual, regardless of equipments or softwares.
The required specs : 
-  .Jpg, .Gif (animated or not) or .Png files
- 700 x 525 px, horizontal
- colors RVB (8 bits default)
You may want to make a few trials before D-day to make sure that you are comfortable with the format.

Now, all you have to do is putting on this bunny costume...